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The Story of SKA

The Sport Kickboxing Federation™ was founded by Master Farhad and Master Farid Dordar. This comprehensive style has evolved from over 30 years of studying many martial arts philosophies and styles such as Kickboxing, Karate, Tae kwon do, Ikido, and Jujitsu. From this study, a comprehensive system has been developed that provides excitement in learning and teaching, as well setting out logical rules for tournaments involving all levels of competition. The SKF ™ is a system that provides continuity to all revels of the sport through extensive instruction and easily understood rules and regulations.

The Sport Kickboxing Federation™ allows for the participation of all levels of skill. From beginner to advanced level, students will find the classes exciting, fun and challenging. Their progress is complemented through a belt system but is rewarded by tremendous growth in self-esteem, confidence and fitness.

The Sport Kickboxing Federation™ encourages students who wish to progress to the level of instructor through a program of training designed to teach instructors, students develop skills in many areas. An understanding of the science of sports, motivation through human behavior and the development of management skills are the necessary building blocks of an effective instructor. This knowledge will have a positive and constructive effect on students and is the foundation for the advancement of the SKF™.

The Sport Kickboxing Federation ™ has developed a tournament system that is both effective and fair through the training of referees the SKF ™ ensures that tournaments are fun, competitive and fairly judged by knowledgeable and trained individuals.

As the Sport Kickboxing Federation™ is expanding globally our physiology continues to be to provide a complete, effective and fun system allowing for instruction, management and competitive tournaments to be held under one organization, the SKF ™.

The greatest value in martial arts is in the area of personal growth and development. With the SKF™ system students are able to focus on our twelve step program one belt at a time.

White:         Setting high goals and having a positive mental attitude
Yellow:       Respect and self control
Hi Yellow:   Self confidence and self esteem
Orange:       Perseverance and patience
Hi Orange:   Balance in martial arts and in life
Green:         Willpower and determination
Hi Green:     Loyalty and sincerity
Blue:           Self discipline and motivation
Hi Blue:       Enthusiasm and courage
Brown:        Punctuality and humility
Hi Brown:   Power and knowledge
Low Black: Giving and leadership

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